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INID ISO14443 Readers

INID ISO14443 Readers

Passing the FIPS 201 Evaluation Program verifies that these products have successfully undergone a rigorous and comprehensive set of functional requirements in order to be listed on the GSA Approved Products List (APL). INID ISO14443 Smart Reader Models 500-5000A (APL2#10067) & 500-5040A (APL2#10068) are GSA FICAM APL2 Certified and may confidently be procured to implement HSPD-12.

INID ISO14443 Smart Readers successfully passed extensive testing by CertiPath Laboratory for GSA FICAM APL2 certification and listing under HSPD-12, FIPS201-2, FICAM approved security products.

The complete GSA FICAM PACS solution tested and certified included:

  • VALIDATION SERVICE = Technology Industries (TI) EntryPoint Software (Validation & High Assurance Reader Services), 
  • PACS = Will-Burt LINX  Physical Access Control System,
  • FICAM READER  = Oberthur OTSmart / INID ISO14443 Smart Card Reader w/OSDP Secure Channell. (Note; readers were submitted under the Oberthur Technology brand (OEM customer of INID) 


INID ISO14443 readers are flexible by design. Only one application for access control that supports single and multi card environments for multiple ISO14443 technologies and NFC. INID ISO14443 readers come in various models: with and without PIN keypad and with different interfaces. The field programmable capabilities of INID ISO14443 readers future proof your investment. 

Supported technologies:
ISO14443-3A: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Ultralight® and MIFARE Plus® level 1. 
ISO14443-4A: DESFire 0.6 & EV1, SmartMX and MIFARE Plus® level 2 & 3
ISO14443-4B: Infineon, Atmel and ST microelectronics.
NFC: peer-to-peer. 

View or Download the data sheet for complete details.

INID Readers now GSA FICAM APL2 Certified
INID Readers now GSA FICAM APL2 Certified

INID ISO14443 Readers

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