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OSDP a standard at INID

OSDP (open supervised device protocol)

INID has always been an enthusiastic supporter of OSDP

The initiative to standardize the communication between PACS and reader in a way that equals the sophisticated communication security level between readers and smart cards is in our vision no longer an option but a necessity.

The SIA OSDP is a communication protocol that allows devices, such as card readers, control panels or other security management systems to work together. It provides the industry with a solution that moves far beyond the widely used Wiegand standard, and adds sophisticated, valuable features such as bi-directional communication. A two-way channel paves the way for advanced security applications such as the handling of Smartcard technology, PKI, and mobile device access.

INID has implemented OSDP to the latest standard including secure encryption levels.

Together with the in all high frequency standard dual interface RS 485 / TTL the INID readers are future proof.

Even if the future brings important updates the INID reader line can be field updated, assuring customers state of the art technology.

OSDP a standard at INID

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