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Identity, authentication and security
  1. When it comes to creating a secure credential, there is no single piece of technology that will stand in a criminal’s way. Driven by powerful economics, overseas counterfeiters have been able to keep pace with even the most sophisticated security features. The strategy for outpacing the fraudsters is now shifting. Instead of finding the one […]

    The post Multiple modes of personalization key to deterring ID fraud appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  2. In an attempt to make it easier for consumers to manage the array of mobile ID credentials they are likely to possess in the near future, Gemalto parent company Thales launched the Gemalto Digital ID Wallet. According to the company, the product “represents the next generation of Mobile ID, creating a secure, smartphone-based home for […]

    The post Thales digital ID wallet seeks to provide one-stop tools for citizens appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  3. GET Group's Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) offering enables citizens and DMVs to expand the trustworthiness of a physical card to the digital realm. It can enable law enforcement, customs and even private sector corporations to authenticate users securely via a mobile device, opening doors to a host of new personalized services.

    The post GET Mobile Driver’s License goes beyond the screen appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  4. In this informative doc, the industry group separates the facts from the misconceptions and faulty assumptions about facial recognition technology. The new analysis comes amid a growing backlash and even bans against the digital ID tool.

    The post SIA report debunks facial recognition myths appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  5. Document and card security today is far more complicated than a list of features or materials. To meet modern fraud threats governments need documents and comprehensive design to protect against expert attacks along multiple fraud vectors. Document and card development experts can link and layer the right design, personalization modalities and security elements together for […]

    The post Secure credentials start with secure design to maximize fraud prevention appeared first on SecureIDNews.

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