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  1. New cards for use in the European Union would include digital fingerprint representations and photos of cardholders. The general idea behind the biometric ID cards is to make life harder for criminals and extremists.

    The post Mandatory biometric ID cards for EU citizens move closer to reality appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  2. As the biometric authentication spreads — this latest project in Miami involves Lufthansa Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and SITA. It relies on live facial photos checked against CBP databases for real-time matching and verification.

    The post Facial recognition boarding at Miami International Airport appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  3. Evernym, which promotes use of blockchain for digital ID, has awarded the Red Cross and four other global humanitarian groups free access to an accelerator program. The effort, involving organizations with wide reach, could further promote the deployment of cutting-edge digital IDs among millions of people.

    The post Red Cross digital ID effort gives Blockchain a central role with Evernym appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  4. Facial recognition is increasingly being deployed to tighten security, improve authentication, and streamline payment and retail transactions. But an ordinance in San Francisco — the first of its kind — would ban its use by city government, potentially restricting police from using evidence gained from the biometric tool.

    The post Ban on facial recognition considered in San Francisco appeared first on SecureIDNews.

  5. Biometrics, in simple terms, involves the recording of body measurements and details such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and iris scans. Fingerprints and facial scans unlock our phones and various biometrics secure our access to buildings and facilities. But where else can biometrics help? Can they alleviate the security issues associated with smart cards? Smart cards […]

    The post How biometrics alleviate smart card security issues appeared first on SecureIDNews.

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