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  1. Growth is being driven by the increasing prevalence of smart technology devices and building automation systems, providing systems integrators with opportunities in both commercial and residential markets.

  2. Located in Atlanta and like other AECs, the new facility will be utilized for demonstrating solutions, training customers and partners, and acting as a space for partners to share the company’s solutions and technologies.

  3. “Not only does it make us competitive as an employer but it also gives us the ability to retain the best and most dedicated team members, which translates to better service,” says COPS Founder and President Jim McMullen.

  4. Rothstein, addressing the association’s membership, states as an organization dedicated to making private and public places safer, SIA is devastated by the news of the violence that took place. 

  5. TAS specializes in the K-12 school market in Southern California, bringing decades-long school district relationships to Sciens Building Solutions.

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